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We value our clients, and our work is our reputation. 

We provide dedicated manpower for your project. 

Payments and Refund Terms of 7Ps, a brand of Seven Ps Creative Digital Agency India

Once the payment is made by the client, 7Ps engages the Developer for the project as a delivery process. 7Ps engage a dedicated developer for the project and the developer is not given any further project by 7Ps. We are not able to take further projects against the dedicated manpower assigned for clients' projects. We compromise a portion of other project revenue for this reason. Along with the developer, other manpower such as Technical Team, Design Team, and Planning Team is also blocked for a certain period for the client's project. These resources are blocked in-house or outsourced to our group company, and partner Agency for the project. 


There is a certain cost involved once we start creating a client's project from day one. There is a certain internal cost apart from Resources blocked for the project. 


If the client wants to get a refund or cancel the project; 7Ps won't be able to refund the payment, once paid by the client since manpower is blocked for a certain period, and we don't take any further projects based on manpower capacity. 

* If the client paid the full amount only 40% of the amount will be refunded if claimed by the client within 2 days of making the payment. ( Considering the client has a valid reason for backout/cancelling the project with 7Ps). In case of 40% Refund claimed by the client within 2 days of making the payment; they will have to communicate to 7Ps over mail at Any other communication won't be accepted.  

* 7Ps aims to provide best in class and good  Web design, and digital marketing services for the client's requirements. 7Ps aims to fulfil the project based on the Scope of Work(SOW) mentioned in the Invoice/Proposal shared by 7Ps. 

* 7Ps Will discuss the project with the client initially and will send the scope of work (SOW) based on mutual communications had at a certain time. SOW will be sent along with a final Invoice/Proposal to the client by mail or on Whatsapp. 7Ps is not liable or responsible for any additional work/activity required by the client apart from the SOW(Scope of work) mentioned on the Invoice/Proposal. 

* In case, SOW is not defined between the client and 7Ps and the project for the client has been started. Only communications over mail or Whatsapp would be considered for future reference. 

Content(images, graphics, banner, text, video, links, or reference website) has to be provided by the client. If the content is not provided by the client initially then 7Ps will start working with dummy content later client will have to change the content. 7Ps won't upload any product inventory for the client website, product upload has to be done by the client. 

7Ps design websites maintaining the latest trends and best practices. We aim to deliver a nice and trendy or relevant website for the Client's business.

During the website development phase; we take feedback/inputs from the Client. We change/modify the site based on the Client's feedback/inputs till the time 7Ps find it relevant and best practices for a website.


If the Client wants repeated changes on design elementary or other functionality (not understanding the best practices and beyond SOW); 7Ps will go with the flow of completing the project. And the project will be delivered to the client at a certain time. Beyond that 7Ps won't accept any recommendation/inputs for changes. If the client does not want to co-operate 7Ps will hand over the project; at any point of time. 

If the Client has made partial payment and delaying; delivering the content, co-ordinating with team 7Ps to complete the site on time, the Client needs to make pending payment as communicated over time.  Once we get the pending payment 7Ps will resume work for the project. 

After hand over of the project client needs to make pending payment within 7 days of time. 

7Ps aims to create better Branding and communication for your Brand/Company

For Digital Marketing Projects: 7Ps will plan and execute campaigns based on the SOW. We will optimize the campaign, from time to time for optimum outputs. 7Ps does not provide any guarantee on Website traffic and sales of the company product/services.


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